Support Missouri HB2285

If you are a Christian Missouri citizen, please send an email to your district’s representative which can be found here: 

With a big thank you to Josh Jenkins of Hope Baptist Church (Springfield, Mo), you are welcome to copy and paste or use the following letter to help you call your representative to their God-given duty.

As Missouri citizens, we are calling upon you to publicly support HB 2285. This bill would end abortion in our state.
Abortion is the murder of an innocent baby in the womb. It is the legally protected and tax-funded murder of helpless children. The Bible teaches and science shows that life begins at the moment of conception and is thus a person who deserves equal rights under the law. For over 45 years, the most helpless minorities have been oppressed and brutally murdered in our country. Blood is filling and defiling our land as we bring the judgment of God down upon us. It must end.
You have been placed in this position, at this point in history, for a specific purpose. You have an opportunity to protect precious little lives that are crying out in silence for someone to save them. Will you save them? You cannot ignore them.
Legally, the Supreme Court does not make law, they render opinions. In the case of Roe v Wade, they have rendered a particularly wicked and unconstitutional opinion. It is thus your obligation to defy the Supreme Court and abolish abortion in our state.
This is no doubt, a hard thing. It will require courage and bravery. Such courage will only come from recognizing that there is a higher judge that you are accountable to. Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God became flesh over 2000 years ago. He lived a life of perfect righteousness, died a brutal death of Roman crucifixion which was a sacrifice for sins, such that our sins could be forgiven. He then rose from the dead on the third day and ascended into heaven where he sits right now at the right hand of God, ruling the nations. All the kings and rulers of the earth are subject to obey him and will give an account to the King of Kings when they stand before him one day.
Where will you stand on that day? In your disobedience to him, or in his righteousness? We call upon you to come to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and peace with God so that you can stand with boldness and courage before men and do what is right.
You have our utmost support and prayers in this endeavor. We have your back. Now is the time to act. End abortion now.

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