Yay Ruben? Yay Judah? Repent With Us!: A Proclamation to Abolish Abortion

My fellow Missourians, to the unborn again and born again — especially those who profess Jesus is Lord — who all are made in the image of the only true triune God who has spoken to man finally through Jesus Christ; who has been given the name above all names; who has been given all authority in heaven and on earth. He is over all thrones, dominions, rulers, and authorities… and also the Church; now and forever. Amen!

Praise Ruben for his half measure!

Praise Judah, for he — as one commentator has put it — ultimately saved and therefore  is,  as implied, free from the selling of his brother!

I would hope that you are repulsed by that statement, but this is the sad state of the majority of those who profess Jesus is Lord, the secularly minded Pro-Life movement — especially those who are called to the civil magistrate as God ordained sword barriers when it comes to, at least, Abortion.

Do you know the story in Genesis 37? Do you believe with Paul that what was written in the past was written for our instruction as all scripture is God breathed instruction for us to be equipped for every good work?

In the face of the premeditated murder of a brother, the “well intentioned” Ruben did stand up and challenge his brothers’ plan to take Joseph’s life, but in what way? Did he say:

 “there is no way to justify this action,”  

“if you want to kill him, you must take me too,

 “God would be roused to anger for Joseph has not sinned against us.”


He compromised with his brothers by offering a plan to throw him into a pit, not to kill him, with the secret intention of coming later to get him from the pit. 

Yay Ruben?!

They did throw him into a pit and Ruben made his exit; buying time for some merchants to show up and for Judah to devise a plan — not to kill — but sell Joseph into slavery!

Yay Judah?!

This is not a situation to praise the brothers for keeping Joseph alive — nor is the time, in our day, for celebrating unjust iniquitous laws that fall short of equal justice. At least for Ruben I can say one better thing about his response to his plan than I can’t say for the pro-life movement. 

Ruben did at least tear his clothes at the sight of his plan being exposed for what it truly was, an atrocity! Though he still didn’t do right in the face of his wrong by still conspiring with his brothers to lie to cover their sin after being brought to the point of asking what He, not they, should do.

I don’t see the professed pro-life movement ripping their clothes, but like the commentator I read, they switch to an imminent, morally relativistic, and pragmatic worldview — a worldview that’s antithetical to the worldview of those Scriptures, to praise man in being the savior as if it’s ok to sin as God’s grace abounds — this is against the context as Joseph calls what his brothers did as “evil” despite the salvation God brought in the midst of it. Both are equally correct, 

God saved, and man sinned; this being, explicitly, in the Noahic Covenant world — which is continuous in the new — of this story that man is wicked from youth and we are called to judge with equity before God, with God’s Law, because of it.

This is where I must say, in the same spirit of a fellow Abolitionist who spoke in a similar environment:

Laws that murder babies are made here.

But let me add some more dimensions to this statement that “laws that murder babies are made here.”

Laws that arbitrarily codify the federal supreme 

court’s iniquitous opinion in Roe v. Wade are made here.

Lawmakers that may say they repudiate that opinion as iniquitous 

in word arbitrarily codify said opinion into law here.

Lawmakers that may say they repudiate that opinion as iniquitous 

in word and also say they want abortion abolished,

 minimally in our state, have killed abolition bills here.

Lawmakers that will admit Roe v. Wade is not law of the land 

will not fight the iniquitous opinion by ignoring it, but compromise with it here.

Which is to also say:

Lawmakers who say they fear God over man, fear man over God here.

Which is to also say:

We have people who would say that Jesus, telling the absolute truth, has all authority in heaven and on earth — but whose actions demonstrate that he shall have no sway here.

We have Baptized believers who teach with their actions what is contrary to the “Great Commission” as if there is a God granted divide between what should be morally taught and practiced by the ecclesiastical and the civil sphere — here.

Now I say this, and may be taken by some that I am putting on heirs — like I’m morally superior. I must think I don’t have a log in my eye. And I have to say, in no way can I be able to say that. I, along with my fellow abolitionists, are here to say “Repent with us!”

We once were apathetic. We didn’t fight unjust decrees. We didn’t take the time to learn and understand what God has given us. We compromised and reacted wrongly

Again, Repent With Us! Please!

As the ecclesia, the assembly of those individuals who have been called from our works of darkness into Christ’s marvelous light — the church — we must admit to shear reactivism.  Roe came to the fore, and we reacted in a compromising way instead of standing firmly on the word of God alone – the way of the heroic stories that we preach from our pulpits. 

We’ll tell our congregations to be like Daniel or Shadrac, Meschac, and Abednego. And we preach about the uncompromisingness of the Holy Spirit empowered Peter of Acts compared to the one who ran and denied Jesus in Luke… just to name a few examples. And yes, the later Peter was put under the spotlight of Paul when he had another episode with his fleshy compromising nature in which he repented of again.

The Church, which is filled with those who had and have been granted the positions as sword welders contra evil doers in the civil sphere, did not and still have not taken a stand against Roe — a judicial decision that only gets codified into law by the pens of the same legislators who say they abhor it.

Again, as a reminder, many years ago it was said by Francis Shaeffer, “Every abortion clinic should have a sign in front of it saying, ‘Open by the permission of the church.” When will we, brothers and sisters in Christ — at least here in Missouri , admit this with one unified prophetic voice? When will we repent? But most importantly, when will God grant us repentance? As Peter has said, judgement starts with God’s household. 

I thank God for every day, for if it is called today, it’s a day of salvation; and the time that we have prior to Christ’s appearing, this is God’s patience that we must account as salvation! But though we may have a lot of time, this does not give us the right to take time in our repentance, we must repent and believe God — immediately and without exception or compromise — for we do not know the length of our individual days of Great Commission going.

We abolitionists do understand that Jesus has been and is ruling and reigning — right now — and will crush all his enemies under his feet. We do not operate out of fear that what we ask for today will not come to pass, for it will!

We are here to call all to repent and believe the full Law/Gospel Word of God; a gospel that demands that we walk worthy of the calling to which we were called with the gifts and positions granted to us by the Father, through Christ, who dwells within His people.

So will we, the people of God in Missouri, walk worthy?

Will we repent?

Will we baptize and disciple; teaching to observe Christ’s commands in word and deed?

Again, may God grant us repentance.

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