David Van Bebber

Dave ProfileSince 2015, Dave Van Bebber has served as pastor at First Baptist Church, in Buffalo Mo. He and his wife Valerie have four kids, and they enjoy spending time with them whenever possible. Some of their favorite things to do as a family include riding bikes together and playing board games on their weekly “Family Fun Night”.

Dave taught for five years at the university and college level. This equipped him with the ability to see the basic reservations many have to the Christian perspective. As a university lecturer, he garnered the proper tools to engage miss-understandings regarding theology by listening to students and observing their lack of understanding of the Christian worldview. Learning the many arguments that humanistic and naturalistic education has ingrained in the thought processes of adolescent and young-adults, prepared Mr. Van Bebber to become an apologist. This instilled in him a desire to share with those in congregations effective and persuasive responses to many of the arguments non-believers might offer to the Christian message.

Mr. Van Bebber is a published research in rhetorical criticism. The framework by which his research was conducted applied the culling out of numerous theoretical methods and epistemological presuppositions. He was the first scholar to apply Laura Ellingson’s qualitative methodology, Crystalization, to a Master’s Thesis. Because Dave was immersed in persuasion theory, critical theory, and post-modern theory (while a graduate student at a state university), he can confidently delve into argumentation with a diverse group of individuals. More importantly, Mr. Van Bebber can equip others for apologetic encounters.

Education and Affiliations:
M.A. in Communication – Missouri State University. M.A. in Counseling.
M.A. in Counseling – Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
B.A. in Communication – Southwest Baptist University.
US Army E-5 Flight Operations Specialist
Missouri Baptist Apologetics Member

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