Ray Ray

adam-cochrun-moapnetAdam Cochrun, or Ray Ray, is a Member and Deacon of Glenstone Baptist Church in Springfield, Mo. He is a Husband of Cassy, father of Iris and Chet, with his best friends Lacy, Gretschen, and Voxy.

Disciple/Evangelist/Apologist in Life – Barber by trade – Musician for fun, Adam became a member of the Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network in April 2017.

Ray Ray, with formal training only in his trade, has only God and His providence through His word and the Holy Spirit that has guided him to means such as Pastors (past and present), close brothers, and prominent Theologians and Apologists that have taught and shown what Gospel-centered discipleship, evangelism, and apologetics looks like.

Early on in his studies of Apologetics, he read whatever he could find and watched debates from the likes of William Lane Craig, Lee Strobel, and Frank Turreck. Confounded by the negative results, i.e. why no one would get it (the proof, that is), of most encounters with friends and others. He kept searching the Scriptures and going deeper into the who’s who in the Apologetic scene.  It wasn’t until after a friend recommended Ray Ray to check out a street a guy named Jeff Dubin, which lead to Sye Ten Bruggencate, James White, then finally to the studies and writings of Cornelius Van Til, that he started to see how theology, evangelism, and apologetics intricately weave together.

Ray Ray now rests in the word and reality of God and uses what he has received to “stir up good works” among his brothers and sisters and proclaim the Gospel in his home, shop, hangouts and this ministry with Dave.


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