Debates are another great avenue of proclaiming and defending the Gospel. Debate is a demonstration of the connection between the head, heart, and the wisdom and insight that is gained by fearing the Lord and knowing the Holy One.

Why is Apologetic Debate Important?

  • It is scriptural (Acts 17:16-31, 19:8-10, 22:1-21, 23:1-9, 24:10-21, 26:1-29).
  • It is evangelistic. This type of activity has the potential to allow you to speak the gospel in settings not ordinary opened to the gospel witness.
  • It develops one’s critical listening. It forces one to have to pay attention to the arguments of the other side.
  • It demonstrates Christian ethics. Debate affords the opportunity for an apologist to demonstrate a Christ-like concern for the other debater.
  • It reinforces sound theology. Debate provides a chance to correct theology and to respond to challenges brought on because of poor theology.

Consider Hosting a Debate

Connect with us if you would like us to help organize a Gospel-centered debate.

Watch And Listen

Resolve: Christianity Has Done More Harm Than Good
Glenstone Baptist Church – Springfield, Missouri – November 17, 2017

Resolve: Is Belief In Christianity Reasonable?
Adolos – Springfield, Missouri – Oct. 10, 2017

Video Provided by Springfield Freethinkers

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