Against Abortion: A Pastor’s Plea

Against Abortion:
A Pastor’s Plea

By: Brandon M. Dodd

Release: April 2, 2022

By working through relevant passages of Scripture, Dodd unpacks the biblically consistent defense of the Abolitionist position. As the modern secular pro-life movement continues to incrementally regulate the holocaust of the preborn, Dodd points to the ultimate authority for justices, God’s law. Readers will understand the solid ground Christians can stand on in denouncing the iniquitous decrees the secular pro-life movement has propped up. This secular industry, known as the prolife movement, has only hoodwinked Evangelicals into thinking they were doing something to save their preborn neighbors.  

Dodd, calls Christians to repent and truly love their preborn neighbor by submitting to God’s law. This is a must read for any Christian seeking to uphold a biblical standard of justice. Come along side Pastor Dodd as he shares his systematic defense of the preborn that consistent Christians should adopt.

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