Did God Stutter

Did God Stutter:
A Presuppositional and Historical Defense of Inerrancy

By: David Guy Van Bebber Jr.

Release: April 5, 2021


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For Christians, God’s Word is the ultimate authority, and it is true in all it affirms. Since the Garden of Eden, there has been an attack on the veracity of God’s Word. Throughout the history of the church and even going back to the people of Israel, the certainty of God’s Word as true has been central to the belief of God’s chosen people. The church has always believed God’s Word to be true without exception. It has not been until modern higher criticism that the church has questioned validity of God’s Word. Recent attacks on what it means for God’s Word to be true caused biblically faithful scholars and churchmen to articulate with clarity the historical position of inerrancy. This booklet introduces readers to the doctrine of inerrancy by looking at the words of Christ, the Apostles, Church Fathers, and recent scholarship regarding what it means to affirm the truth of the Bible. By working through the teachings of the church throughout the ages, readers discover that the doctrine of inerrancy is not a modern concept, as some charge. Inerrancy is the biblical and historical position that Christians have always held regarding God’s Word.

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