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Bart Barber’s Contra Abolition Twitter Fit The T.A.G. You're It! Podcast

Dave and Ray Ray host Stu McArthur and Jared Burdick of AIM Kansas to discuss Bart Barber's (SBC President) slanderous and ignorant Twitter rant against Dusty Deevers and Abolitionism. Barber's rant ended up making a focus on how abolitionists spoke and voted against Kansas' "Value them Both" Amendment , to which we clarify the issue, again, to demonstrate that he should be against that type of amendment.
  1. Bart Barber’s Contra Abolition Twitter Fit
  2. Talking Apologetics with Ben
  3. What’s Going On With The Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network
  4. Some Meme Theology and the Tyranny of Transgenderism
  5. Forgiveness and Fallacies: The Current Fiasco

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